L. S. Lee, Inc. and Elderlee, Inc. are divisions of REH Holdings, Inc. based in York, PA. L. S. Lee, Inc. specializes in the installation and maintenance of highway guardrail products, impact attenuators, highway signs, and pedestrian handrail systems.

REH Corporate Structure

With offices in York, PA, Baltimore, MD, and Richmond, VA our crews provide installation services throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and The District of Columbia.

L.S. Lee, Inc’s sister company Elderlee, Inc. provides the same installation services in New York State and the Carolinas. Elderlee also operates Manufacturing Divisions in Oaks Corners, NY that specializes in steel fabrication, hot-dip galvanizing, and sign manufacturing.

The two companies frequently partner on projects, and when combined, are able to provide installation services from New York to South Carolina.