L. S. Lee, Inc. is dedicated to maintaining a safe work environment at every level of our organization. Our goal is to continuously improve our methods to keep our workers safe. We are proud of our open door policy, and encourage our employees to bring recommendations and issues to our attention. We proudly work with our employees and outside safety consultants to continually improve our safety program.

Over the past years, L.S. Lee has implemented numerous safety initiatives to make our construction workers more safe and visible while working in high traffic situations. We repainted our entire truck fleet bright red instead of the historic gray, added high visibility LED lights to our equipment, and invested in high quality personal protection equipment (PPE). We have also outfitted many of our trucks with backup cameras, supplemental side view mirrors, and custom Maintenance and Protection of Traffic (MPT) baskets for setting up the work zone.

L. S. Lee, Inc. conducts frequent internal and external loss control inspections. Our efforts to improve safety have elevated the company to a higher lever that emphasizes a growing culture of safety.

Safety Training List