Powder Coated / Colored Guardrail

Tired of the standard galvanized silver guardrail? Make your project stand out with powder coated solutions of all colors! Enhance your branded image with colors matched to your specification.

Powder coated guardrail is much more attractive and gains the attention you deserve. Great for gas stations, parks, apartment complexes, warehouses, golf courses, airports, green energy stations, and much more!

If standing out is not what you’re looking for, have your guardrail blend with the surroundings using a subtle green, brown, gray, or black. The options are endless. You pick it - we’ll match it!

Weathering steel guardrail has become a thing of the past (FHWA). Powder coating over galvanized steel will give your guardrail the durability to last decades.

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  • All colors of the RAL K7 color chart available
  • Custom colors available upon request – minimum orders may apply
  • Powder coating is available over black (single coating) or galvanized steel (duplex coating) for increased corrosion protection
  • Available for W-Beam guardrail, Box Beam guardrail, Posts, and Hardware
  • Guardrail End Treatments coated per manufacturer specifications
  • Generally requires special order